TUV India LEAP Programs

TUV India ‘LEAP’ Program

TUV India ‘LEAP’ program consists of training modules covering a wide range of Technical disciplines (Management, Safety, Quality and other topics) and Soft Skills & Behavioral disciplines that are essential attributes required in students moving from Academics to Profession.

Out of a total of 31 modules, 11 cover Technical aspects and 20 cover Soft Skills and Behavioral aspects. Each training module has been designed keeping in mind the specific needs and expectations of students on the verge of graduating from their institutions but not adequately aware of what the industry, corporate and other challenging professions expect from them.

TUV India ‘LEAP’ program helps students by covering the gaps in their areas of Technical Knowledge including enhancing their Soft Skills abilities. TUV India also designs customized LEAP modules are per the students’ or their institutions’ specific requirements.

The Need :

  • Employers are usually impressed by candidates who have a good degree in hand, but that, in many cases, is just the bare minimum that students need when competing for a job after graduation.
  • Most employers are looking for candidates who have skills that help them get things done in the workplace, but hiring managers have reported do not see these skills in many job applicants. In fact, a significant number of business leaders believe that recent college graduates are not adequately trained to enter the professional field.
  • TUV India Training Academy provides the unique opportunity for students graduating from Engineering, Management and other Professional Institutions to gain skills necessary and ‘LEAP’ smoothly from Academics to Profession. 

Target Audience:

  • Students from Engineering Institutions
  • Students from Management Institutions
  • Students from other Professional Institutions

Certificate of Participation

TUV India Training Academy issues Certificate of Participation to all students enrolled for the “TUV INDIA LEAP PROGRAM"