Value Stream Mapping

Course Description

Lean thinking has become a widely adopted improvement approach that can greatly simplify processes and improve performance yielding benefit to all stakeholders. An effective tool of Lean system Value Stream Mapping focuses on creating value for the customer and eliminating waste. The stream of activity within an organisation that creates customer value with no wastes in the process is called lean value stream. This Value Stream Mapping course provides delegates with the practical skills to use value stream mapping in a service or manufacturing organisation. Value Stream Mapping enables a company to identify and eliminate waste, thereby streamlining work processes, cutting lead times, reducing costs and increasing quality. It is a tool commonly used in lean continuous improvement programs to help understand and improve the material and information flow within organizations. Value Stream Mapping captures and presents the whole process from end to end in a method that is easy to understand by those working the process. It is a system which facilitates understanding of the current picture and plan for an improvement system and identifies bottlenecks and converts the process to flow like a stream to meet customer demand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Course Objectives

This two day Value Stream Mapping training course uses a blend of theory and practical exercises. During the Value Stream Mapping course delegates will develop an understanding of:

  • Customer value and the key elements and methods of Value Stream Mapping
  • How to define and analyse the current state value stream map—material and information flows
  • The three stages to develop an ideal future state map
  • How to derive a kaizen improvement plan

Who should attend ?

This program is recommended for people from both service as well as manufacturing industry:

  • Business Heads
  • Production / Manufacturing Engineers
  • Production/ Process Planning Engineers/Managers
  • Lean and Six Sigma Greenbelts & Black Belts
  • Quality Managers
  • Heads of Hospitals and Food Processing units
  • Unit heads
  • SME Entrepreneurs
Course Contents
  • Introduction
  • Understanding customer value
  • Value add, value enabling and non-value adding activities
  • Elements of a Value Stream Map
  • Material flows and information flows
  • Value stream metrics
  • Construction of As-Is VSM (Current VSM)
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Establishing Baseline performance
  • Identifying Improvement opportunities through wastes
  • Identifying bottle neck operations
  • Takt time analysis & Work balancing graph
  • Developing an ideal future state:
    • Customer demand
    • Continuous flow Levelling
  • Kaizen Improvement plans Box score and before/after compariso
Course Outcome

Case study and group exercise with hands-on construction and improvement of value stream maps would enable participants to identify improvement opportunities in the process and enhance process benefits

Course Methodology

Course will deal with case studies explaining various tools and different industrial scenarios. Further, group exercises with hands-on construction and improvement of value stream maps would improvise the situations and understand the methodology quickly.


Certificate of attendance shall be issued to all the delegates attending entire duration of the training course.


2 Days