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    4. Total Quality Management (TQM)

Course Objectives

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Realize the importance of quality models
  • Understand various quality models
  • Understand TQM philosophy
  • Communicate the importance of customer focused TQM
  • Apply TQM improvement tools to enhance customer satisfaction and improve processes within their organizations
  • Ability to implement the TQM approach in an organization for continuous quality improvement
  • Ability to advise management for TQM approach development

Course Features

Total quality management (TQM) is a management approach practiced by industry leaders globally to long-term success through customer satisfaction. The program is to equip the participants to use a combination of strategy, data, and effective communication to integrate quality into all aspects of the organization. Many Business Excellence models are the off-shoot of TQM system. Quality throughout the organization is ensured on successful implementation and builds sustainable growth of the organization.

Who should attend ?

  • Managers involved in Strategic decision making
  • Senior Executives, Production & Quality Managers
  • Department heads, Unit heads, and CEOs

Course Contents

  • Evolution of TQM
    • Historical development
    • Definitions of quality
    • Understanding TQM
    • The Quality Management System
    • The Quality Movement
    • TQM concept and system
    • The Cost of Quality (COQ)
  • TQM tools and Techniques
    • Seven Tools of Quality
    • New Seven Tools -Management Tools
    • Statistical Quality Control
    • Taguchi methods
    • Quality Function Deployment
    • Quality Circles
    • Just in Time (JIT)
  • TQM principles and strategies
    • Customer focus including over view of Kano model
    • Process Improvement and Total Involvement
    • Quality Management strategies
  • The quality movement
    • Contributions of quality gurus (Shewart, Deming, Juran, Crosby, Ishikawa and Taguchi)
    • Zero Defects
    • Kaizen System
    • Poka-Yoke (Shingo)
  • Implementing TQM
    • - Managing key processes, steps in process improvement
    • - Measuring process improvements, and performance measures
    • - Benchmarking for TQM
    • - Quality Management Systems– ISO series
    • - Global Quality and International Quality awards – Baldridge, Deming Prize, others 


TUV India certificate shall be issued to all the delegates attending the entire duration of course.


3 Days.


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