Mistake Proofing

Course Description

There are ample opportunities for product and process defects in everyday life situations. Defects are wasteful, and if they are not discovered, they disappoint the customer’s expectation of quality.

In complex workplace environment such happenings could be avoided by adopting the mistake proofing techniques. Mistake Proofing methods are one of the proven means for achieving this goal. Behind Mistake Proofing is the conviction that it is not acceptable to produce even a single defective product. To become a world-class competitor, an organization must adopt a philosophy and practices of producing zero defects.                                                                                                                                                                            

Course Objectives

In lieu of this, TUV India has designed a course which will enable the participants to:

  • Understand the concept of zero quality control
  • Identify and classify the mistakes
  • Understand the mistake-proofing concepts
  • Build mistake-proof systems and devices to prevent mistakes from becoming defects
  • Select and acquire the use of various mistake-proof methods in different situations
  • Develop a system that will automatically detect and correct error at every stage

Who should attend ?

This course is particularly suitable for and benefit to Engineers, Production Managers, Process Specialists or any personnel involved in process control and improvement activities.

Course Contents
  1. Philosophy behind Zero Quality Control (ZQC) concept -
    • Zero Quality Control (ZQC) and its elements
    • Traditional PDCA cycle
    • 1-10-100 Rule and Error vs Defect
    • Integrating Do and Check in the ZQC Approach
  2. Understanding Mistake-Proofing
    • Mistake-Proofing principle and concept
    • Reason for happening of mistakes
    • Zero defects strategy and purpose for Mistake Proofing
    • Errors and 10 most common types of human errors
  3. Principles and levels of Mistake Proofing
    • Levels of mistake proofing
    • Old and New approach
    • Chase and Stewart’s 21 mistake proofing principles
    • Practical, feasible and cost-effective mistake proofing
  4. D. The Mistake-Proofing Process
    • Various Mistake proofing process tools
    • Five mistake proofing steps
    • Continuous Improvement
    • JIDOKA
    • ANDONS
    • Automation
Course Methodology

Industry examples will be discussed with conceptual inputs through presentations and videos and practice of case exercise. Participants will be made to create mistake proofing models as part of the training.


Certificate of attendance shall be issued to all the delegates attending entire duration of the training course.


2 Days