ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Quality Management System Measurement Uncertainty Awareness Training Course

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Course Objectives

  • To develop understanding on the measurement uncertainty & its need.
  • To develop understanding on calculation & estimation of measurement uncertainty
  • To enable delegates have the theoretical understanding and identify and evaluate components contributing to uncertainty 

Course Features

The course is highly interactive, not only with reference to answering queries, but also sharing the experience gathered through vast working experience in the laboratory.

Who should attend ?

  • Laboratory quality managers
  • Laboratory technical staff responsible for the calculation & review of uncertainties
  • Laboratory QMS assessors
  • Consultants for organizations seeking or maintaining accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025. 

Prerequisite/Prior knowledge

It is recommended that the delegates have some exposure to measurement uncertainty estimation. All the delegates may have basic understanding of Microsoft Excel & they should bring lap top or at least calculator.

Knowledge of English is essential.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to resource person & participants
  • Concept of accuracy, precision, measurement uncertainty
  • Interpretation of measurement uncertainty
  • Estimation of MU – Random components and Systematic components
  • Estimation of MU – Components having same units
  • Estimation of MU – Components having different units
  • Estimation of MU in concentration of solution – COMPLEX METHOD (Eurochem)
  • Estimation of MU for Spectroscopic methods – COMPLEX METHOD
  • Estimation of MU for Chromatographic methods – COMPLEX METHOD
  • Estimation of MU for Biological tests
  • Calibration of Glassware and MU estimation
  • Z-score calculations
  • Individual / Syndicate exercises
  • Question & answer and Summing-up 


TUV India certificate shall be issued to all the delegates attending the entire duration of the course.


2 Days


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