Industry 4.0 - Certified Assessor

Course Feature

This course introduces participants to the concept and goals of Industry 4.0, the different pillars of Industry 4.0 design and implementation, Cyber Physical systems, Interoperability, Virtualization, Decentralization, Real-Time Capability, Service orientation and Modularity and develops clear understanding of need for audit and assessment, methods of assessing the current status, Risk factors ,change management issues, challenges in auditing. A step by step guide is provided to make implementation easy. This certificate course includes use cases discussion, participative case study analysis & best practices.

Course Objectives

Main objective of the Industry 4.0 - Assessor program is to develop Industry 4.0 assessment competency supported by practical exercises and use cases. The main aim is to make the audit process easy to enhance business excellence.

The certification program includes four basic segments which include-

  • Segment 1: Features of Industry 4.0 & key pillars, Competencies for Industry 4.0,future trends, (2 Days)
  • Segment 2: Need for assessment audit & different processes, Use cases  (2 Days)
  • Segment 3: Strategic needs& Challenges & Use case of discussion, (1 Day)
  • Segment 4: Risk analysis, case study, Preparing Assessment Report (1 Day)
  • Followed by Certification examination.

This will enable participants to implement concepts learnt, to their organization.

The experienced faculty will guide participants for the effective assessment & participants can independently perform self-assessment at the end of the course.

This 6 day Assessment program will ensure clear understanding of current status of industry & assessment process with the engineered approach & introduce to the future trends.

Who should attend ?

All graduate engineers, practicing engineers, IT professionals, Team leaders, Top management, Shop floor /production engineers HR, Marketing, and Maintenance professionals.

Course Contents

Segment 1: Overview of industry 4.0 (2 Days)

  • Evolution of Industry 4.0
  • Understanding the echo systems
  • Theme of Industry 4.0 and driving factors, Goals of Industry 4.0
  • Restructuring & integration
  • Future  of automated manufacturing- cyber physical systems, smart factories, IIOT
  • Going Digital -Leadership and Management Challenges, Competencies for Industry 4.0
  • Case study and Impact of Industry 4.0

Segment 2: Assessment: (2 Days)

  • Need, advantages, limitations and methodology of Assessment, Skills for assessment,
  • Assessment techniques and formats for Industry 4.0 Maturity Assessment
  • Assessment Models, Planning, Action Planning and Reporting
  • Industry 4.0 standards development & frameworks
  • Moving ahead with implementation case study

Segment 3: Understanding Business scenario (1 Day)

  • Understanding business vision, Identification of Strategic needs and opportunities
  • Industry 4.0 based business case preparation, financial Feasibility

Segment 4: Assessment report presentation (1 Day)

  • Risk Identification
  • Assessment Report Preparation and Presentation & Case study 

Examination based of above and a certificate of completion for marks above 75%


6 Days