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Course Objectives

  • Developing understanding of common hazards associated with the construction Industry and their control measures
  • To familiarize delegates with key aspects of construction project safety
  • To develop understanding on statutory obligations on safety at construction sites
  • Developing understanding of the hazards associated with working at heights and their control measures
  • Developing understanding of various safe work practices “Do’s” and “Don’ts” in construction site

Course Features

The course is highly interactive. The course includes series of lectures with individual/syndicate exercises for better learning.


-All delegates should have reasonably good understanding & a working knowledge of safety in construction industry.

-Knowledge of English is essential.

Who should attend ?

  • Management and supervisory personnel engaged in Construction projects
  • Project Managers
  • Safety Officers /Managers
  • Site Supervisors and Engineers, etc
  • The personnel who wish to implement Construction safety management system in their organization

Course Contents

  • Course Introduction
  • Common Work Place Hazards - Impacts and Effects
  • Safety at Height - Machineries and Equipment’s, Scaffolding Safety, Ladder Safety, Life line, PPE, Preventive and control Measures
  • Construction Safety - Mechanical Safety, Chemical Safety, MSDS, Safe working Procedures, PTW-Permit To Work, Personal Protective Equipment, Preventive Control Measures
  • Excavation Safety – Hazards, Control measures
  • Electrical Safety - ELCB,Earthing & D.B., LOTO, PPE, Preventive Measures, Do’s and Don’ts, Case Study  
  • Fire Safety - Impacts and Effects of Fire Explosion, Source of Ignition, Hazardous Materials and Process, Fire Prevention and Control Measures
  • Legal Requirements – BOCW, Factory Act
  • Conclusion - Safety Quiz


Certificate of attendance shall be issued to all the delegates attending entire duration of the training course.


2 Days


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