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FSSAI had made Training mandatory of all Central and State Licensed FBOs under FSS Act, October 06th 2017. Each Food Business Operator having Central & State License to have at least one trained & certified Food Safety Supervisor for every 25 food handlers or part thereof on all their premises. FSSAI has designed a large scale Food Safety Training & Certification Program (FOSTAC) for food business businesses across the value chain.

TUV India is authorized by FSSAI to provide training under this scheme. We are conducting a range of In-house and Open training for Individuals and corporates alike.


10 types of Competence based certification programmes are available under FoSTaC. Duration of each course is of 4 to 8 hours. Course have been developed by domain experts and visited by expert committee of FSSAI. Training manuals are based on general hygiene or manufacturing practices as detailed under schedule 4 of FSS Regulation courses have been divided into following 3 levels.


Basic level certifications are meant for food business. Duration of each course is of 4 hours. Courses are: -

  • Street Food Vending
  • Catering
  • Manufacturing / Processing


Advanced courses and certification are for State & Central Licensed food business. Duration of each course is 8 hours. Courses are: -

  • Catering
  • Manufacturing / Processing


Special course have been developed for high risk food business or the food business which require special attention. Duration of special course is 8-12 hours. Spread over 1-2 days. Courses are:

  • Milk & Milk Products
  • Packaged Water
  • Bakery (Level 1)
  • Bakery (Level 2)
  • Edible Oil

Mode of Delivery

The training programs for the Food Safety Supervisors at all 3 levels (viz. Basic, Advanced and Special) would be conducted through the classroom sessions.

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