Requirements for Inspection & Testing of Castings, Valves and qualification of welders as per IBR 2020

Course Objectives

This course will give comprehensive knowledge to all personnel involved in Welder Qualification, Inspection and Quality Control in Fabrication, Foundry & Valve Industry, shall understand and implement requirements to ensure Regulation compliance at all stages as per IBR 2020.

Course Feature

This course designed to provide overview of Welder Qualification, Inspection & Testing of Castings and Valves in accordance with ‘Indian Boiler (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2020’ requirements and how these need to be taken care at various stages and in documentation.

Who should attend ?
  • QA / QC, Production, Welding Engineers, Managers and all personnel who are part of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Manufacturers, Fabricators, Foundries and Valve Industries.
  • Inspection Engineers, independent Competent Persons and QC consultants.
Course Contents
  • Requirements for Welder Qualification as per IBR 2020
  1. Pre-requisite for Welder Qualifications.
  2. Initial Qualification Tests
  3. Changes requires Re-Qualification Tests
  4. Examinations and award of Certification
  5. Validity and Revalidation
  • Requirements for Inspection & Testing of Castings as per IBR 2020
  1. Process of Manufacture of Steel Casting and Grey iron Castings.
  2. Chemical Analysis, Tensile, Bend tests and Hardness Test.
  3. Heat Treatment requirements
  4. Non Destructive testing
  5. Dimensional Inspection
  6. Certificate of Inspection and Testing of Castings
  • Requirements for Inspection & Testing of Valves as per IBR 2020
  1. Raw Material Verification
  2. Non Destructive testing as required.
  3. Sampling plan and Hydraulic test
  4. Certificate of Inspection & Testing of Valves



Tutor having excellent experience of working in the industry shall conduct this training.


Softcopy Certificate of successful attendance shall be issued to all the delegates who attend entire duration of the course.


3 Hours