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Water is a critical natural resource with a very high strategic importance to business, agriculture and community. The recent government guidelines regarding water conservation are aimed at benchmarking water usage across different industrial sectors Water footprint is a tool to capture the water consumption, identify associated cost, compare it with national and international benchmarks and mitigate the gap between the present specific consumption with the national and international norms. The water footprint also facilitates identification of the economically feasible and implementable water conservation, use and recycle measures.

Comprehensive water audit gives a detailed profile of the water distribution system and water usages and means to achieve national and internal benchmarks of water consumption, thereby facilitating easier, effective and efficient management of the resources with improved reliability. TUV India has a pool of specialist auditors who have the capability to deliver precise, economical and workable suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of water consumption and work towards sustainable use of the precious natural resource.

Benefits of Water Footprint :

  • Scientific assessment identifies the parameters like quality, nature and quantity of water consumption
  • Helps to identify inefficient uses, problem areas wherein water conservation and remedial measures can be undertaken.
  • Clear identification of sources of water (i.e. fresh water and its sources and reused or recycled water)
  • Identifying the opportunities and quantifying reduction in water footprint with expected timelines to achieve the same.
  • Establish and prioritize opportunities for reducing water footprint to establish basis for decisions
  • Information for more reliable and extensive database for the creation of water conservation policy
  • Improve efficiency in water usage and reduce losses
  • Water Footprint assessment helps in water usage optimization, waste reduction and elimination, suggestion of the methods to recycle water, implementation of water harvesting etc.

What we can do for you :

  • Water Audit
  • Water Footprint on Organizational Level
  • Product Water Footprint

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