Reduction of Carbon emission and commitment to environment

Validation and verification of project activity which reduces carbon emission under approved mechanism from UNFCCC

In view of the far-reaching consequences of global warming, climate change has become one of the most important gobal challenges of our time. To reduce carbon emission in the environment "United Nation Framework for Conventional Climate Change(UNFCCC)" have come up with a mechanism which not only helps in reducing percentage of carbon in the atmosphere but also helps developing countries to adapt for cleaner and more efficient technologies. TUV nord is an accrediated DOE and is actively involved in the validation and verification under the mechanism of CDM.

Gold Standard- A High Quality Carbon Credit Mechanism

Better image and better market position

A best practice mechanism and a high quality carbon credit label for both Kyoto and voluntary market.

The Gold Standard Foundation operates a certification scheme for carbon credits in both the voluntary and compliance offset markets. Only renewable energy and end-use energy efficiency projects that actively promote sustainable development are accepted under this scheme.

For registering the project with the Gold Standard, the same steps as followed for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) have to be followed with additional information required at various stages of the process. Projects that satisfy Gold Standard requirements are granted permission to use the Gold Standard brand name and logo.

Gold Standard credits for CDM are issued and tracked in the UNFCCC/CDM Registry, with a Gold Standard label. GS-certified carbon credits intended for the voluntary offset market are issued directly by the Gold Standard Foundation and tracked in the Gold Standard Registry.

TUV NORD is actively involved in carrying out the certification to Gold Standard requirement.

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