Business Social Compliance Initiative

Approach to improving social performance in Supplier Chain

BSCI is a company driven initiative to implement and create sustainable improvements in social standards in production facilities world

BSCI members come largely from the retail sector, but it is also open to manufacturers and importers. BSCI focuses on monitoring as an ongoing process to improve social standards. Audits are one mechanism in this monitoring system, but the key to real and sustainable improvement is acting in partnership with suppliers to achieve it.

The BSCI and its members follow a positive, non-confrontational approach to compliance and want to heighten supplier's and manufacturer's awareness of their social responsibilities and occupational health and safety issues. The BSCI aims to reward the suppliers' good will and willingness to cooperate.

Assessment Process :

The initial audits in the BSCI are conducted in a uniform manner. Standardized questionnaires and evaluation schemes are used for every audit. This ensures fair treatment of all suppliers, and at the same time ensures that the quality of the audit remains at a consistent high level.

An audit comprises of the following parts:

Part A:Recording Master Data: Business and Master data of supplier company
Part B:BSCI Audit: Recording and evaluation of compliance with minimum social and environmental requirements. Part B audit and implementation of corrective actions arising from Part B are compulsory.
Part C:Recording and assessment of best practice for industry, Part C audit is compulsory, implementation of corrective actions arising from Part C is voluntary. It is not a requirement for starting or maintaining business relations with the retail companies participating in the BSCI. It is, however, recommended for those companies that have the potential to reach SA 8000 or equivalent certification standards.

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