Wind Energy

In the field of Wind Energy, TUV India offers services in certification, site assessment as well as inspection, surveillance and advisory activities for wind turbines, farms and projects onshore and offshore. Our multidisciplinary proficiency in design engineering, technical, financial, due diligence, health and safety, environmental and consenting, construction and project management provides real project values.

Wind Energy Services include

  • Type Certification
  1. Design Assessment
  2. Prototype Testing such as Rotor Blade, Nozzle, Turbine, Inverter, Tower
  3. Implementation of Production & Erection(IPE) /Manufacture evaluation
  • LVRT Testing and Certification
  • Power Quality Assessment
  • Inspection and Certification of Hybrid System
  • Site Assessment
  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Detailed Project Report (DPR)
  3. Wind Resource Assessment (WRA)
  4. Micro-siting Energy Estimation
  5. Technical Due Diligence (TDD)
  6. Residual Life Assessment of Wind farm
  • Lenders Engineer and Owners Engineer
  1. Review of Designs
  2. Assist in preparation of quality plans
  3. Due Diligence for Compliance of Statutory norms
  4. Performance and Residual life
  5. Technical Due Diligence
  6. Construction Monitoring (on Monthly/Quarterly basis)
  7. Post Commissioning Inspection
  • Power Curve Measurement - Site Specific Power Curve
  • Inspection Services Site
  1. Foundation Inspection 
  2. Erection, Installation and Commissioning of WTG on Civil and Electrical
  • Project Management Services

The benefit to you

TUV India is ready to accompany you as a competent and reliable partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your turbine projects with our:

  • Pragmatic and result-oriented approach
  • Efficient process tailored for short-time to market
  • Strong reputation and recognition worldwide

We are looking forward to your enquiry