Solar Energy

TUV India is committed to assessing safety, performance and quality of PV products. We dedicate to provide a comprehensive range of testing, inspection, certification and project management services for manufacturers, installers, suppliers and investors from PV module, PV components to PV systems.

Solar Energy Services include

  • Testing and Certification of Modules and Inverter
    • PV Modules
    • Inverters
    • Cables 
    • Transformers
  • Energy yield Assessment as per IEC 61724
  • PV Project Certification as per IEC 62446-1
  • Inspection and Certification of Hybrid System
  • Project Management Services
    • Review of preliminary definitive design
    • Contract Management for Contracts Construction Supervision of Contracts
    • Review of documents submitted by Contractors
    • Review of Quality Assurance Plan, Contractor Safety Plan, Environmental Management Plan, RAM Plan
    • Assist the employer in coordination with different agencies, management
  • Inspection Services  - Construction Site
    • Foundation, MMS Erection Inspection
    • Installation and Commissioning of Solar power Plant on Civil & Electrical
  • Inspection Services Shop
  • Lenders Engineer and Owners Engineer
    • Review of Designs documents
    • Assist in preparation of quality plans
    • Due Diligence for compliance of statutory norms
    • Performance and residual life
    • Technical Due Diligence, Construction Monitoring (on Monthly/Quarterly basis), Post Commissioning Inspection

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