Rolling Stock

Rolling stock is an essential item within the railway and transport systems, but it is one of the most complex systems. From running gear through strength and durability, drives, brakes, regulation and control systems and up to fire protection and occupational health and safety, all safety-relevant functionalities have to be in full working order at all times. The entire system comprising the “rolling stock” must fulfil safety requirements according to both national and international standards and directives.

Our inspectors and experts in the different areas support rail operators, system integrators and manufacturers over the entire lifetime of the project, from the design phase up to approval, including railway vehicle operation and maintenance. From the initial design through the system architecture up to the technical equipment itself.

Why not make use of the system competence and many years of experience of the experts at TUV India - TÜV NORD in the assessment of subsystems and railway vehicle components – whether for locomotives, rail cars, passenger carriages, goods wagons, trams, underground railways or the system as a whole.

Rolling stock as a whole

  • Testing and reports on the technical safety of rolling stock
  • Evaluation of operators' regulations and residual risks for passengers
  • Responding to system-related questions and questions regarding standards and regulations

Subsystems and processes

  • Mechanics (strength and durability, running gear, explosion protection, plant subject to mandatory surveillance)
  • Brakes (brake calculations, wheel slide protection, recuperative brake systems)
  • Drive systems (e.g. hydraulic drives)
  • Electrical systems (Electrical safety/ earthing, suitability of operating materials, Electromagnet availability EMC-Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Control system technology
  • Software (application software, operating systems/tools)
  • System technology (Safety concepts, system architectures)
  • Fire protection (preventive fire protection, firefighting measures and equipment)
  • Damage analysis (assessments following damage, optimization of maintenance processes for damage prevention)
  • Safety and reliability (application of CENELEC standards EN 5012x, Risk assessments according to CSM (Common Safety Methods).
  • Approval management (advice on and preliminary review of approval documentation, test and acceptance trail runs, assessments/acceptances) 

Manufacturer and supplier certifications

  • International Railway Standards (IRIS)
  • Welders for railway vehicles according to EN 15085 

The benefit to you

  • Access to the international market
  • Protection of people and the environment
  • Avoidance of wasted investment
  • Safety proofs
  • Optimizing of processes
  • Independent inspection according to the current status of national and international requirements
  • Cost-effective procedures and processes
  • Independent and need-based advice 

Our Competence

  • Independence and neutrality
  • Specialist independent experts with long-standing experience
  • Assessors with ERA-recognition
  • Assessors with EBA-recognition
  • Accredited inspection body according to DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17020 (DAkkS) and NABCB/IAF
  • Notified Body (NoBo) (Lux)
  • Designated Body (DeBo)
  • Interims DeBo (DE)
  • Partner of country and municipal authorities (Landeseisenbahnaufsicht (LfB, TAB))
  • Associated partner of the German notified body 

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