Independent Safety Assessment

Independent Safety Assessment

TUV India established an Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) Certification scheme as per ISO/IEC 17065:2012 for Railway System, Rolling Stock, Signalling, Communication and Control. In the era of huge railway infrastructure development in the country, the launch of this scheme will not only be very useful for the Railway industry to benchmark itself with safety and quality certifications but will also ensure passengers a safe journey.

The objectives of the Independent Safety Assessment shall be consistent with the CENELAC Standards which shall include:

  • Correct identification and management of system requirements, including safety requirements.
  • Confirming that the system meets the safety requirements through verification and validation activities.
  • Ascertain if the system safety requirements have been demonstrated in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The 6 step certification process includes:

  • Receipt of Application
  • Review of Application
  • ISA Evaluation & Review
  • Grant of Certificate
  • Periodic Surveillance (if applicable)
  • Renewal of Certificate (if applicable)

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