Controlling and Signalling

Safety-relevant systems such as signal technology form the basis of modern railway operations. The independent inspection of the technology is an important part of the safety certification for systems and components, which are to go into circulation. The challenges presented to operators by modern rail systems are being increasingly complex. Signal, telecommunications, control and safety systems are closely linked with one another. To flourish on the market, it is necessary to implement the high levels of safety, performance, quality and interoperability requirements as cost-efficiently as possible. We are your partner for reliability, safety and efficiency.

Qualification of Hardware

  • Examination and assessment of system design, testing/evaluation of proof against failure, failure tolerance, failure manifestation, testing/assessment of man-machine interfaces
  • Approval testing
  • Acceptance of installations
  • Final inspection of components at the factory
  • Testing in the area of signalling and telecommunication’s equipment, e.g. GSM-R applications (Global System for Mobile Communications-Railway)
  • Testing in the area of telematics
  • Testing of electrical systems, e.g. cables, power supply systems
  • Support of participation in component approvals
  • Component certification

Qualification of Software

  • Testing/assessment of data processing systems, operating systems, tools, diagnostic equipment and concepts
  • Static software analysis
  • Certification of software systems

System-related Assessment

  • Assessment of components and system characteristics, safety and function proofs
  • Evaluation of operating requirements, system designs (diversity/redundancy), safety-related application conditions
  • Assessment of Hazard- and risk analyses, safety cases and creation of technical dossiers
  • Examination of migration concepts
  • Information on standards (CELENEC)
  • European Train Control System(ETCS) - EC conformity assessments to 2008/57/EC

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