Machine Safety - Risk assessment and Validation

Machine Safety – EN ISO 12100

Risk assessment is fundamental to any health and safety process and in particular for machinery safety. Because of this, anyone involved in dealing with machinery safety issues should be competent in risk assessment and be well aware of the types of hazards that may occur across their working environment. EN ISO 12100 is the main standard for risk assessment for machinery as it sets down the principles for the process.

There’s always the ongoing need to determine the current risk level for what is in place today, for the design of one machine or an entire plant floor. But many companies don’t know where to start; TUV NORD India can lead your team through the globally recognized risk assessment process and offer guidance on a wide range of risk reduction techniques that encompass process redesign, guarding, awareness means, training and administrative requirements and personal protection equipment.

Safety Validation – EN ISO 13849

 TUV India (TUV Nord Group) will help for Reviewing and Verifying the safety circuit design per the applicable standards specified by the customer for Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulics Circuit. The standards may include EN ISO 13849-1, ANSI B11.TR3 Control Reliable, Single Channel w/ monitoring, Single Channel, etc., or other standards. This service provides a documented review of the safety circuit and a letter of compliance. 

Safety System Validation is a service for developing the validation protocol and performing the validation to document that the safety system is installed and functioning properly as per EN ISO 13849 -2. This is a key step in any safeguarding project. The protocol can be used to revalidate the system if any changes or repairs are made to the system throughout the life cycle.

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