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With our expertise in respective local, international standards and deep understanding of international trade, we provide single window solutions to make your business well secured and enhance the quality of your technology, process, product and business decisions. Thus, we partner you in your endeavour to achieve a prominent position within the competitive market.

Areas of Expertise in Petroleum, Chemicals & Gas Inspection Services :

  • Quantity and Quality services in Petroleum, Chemicals & Gas
  • Laboratory testing
  • Sampling
  • Calibration
  • Gas technical services for the conditioning and purging of gas carriers
  • Packing and forwarding of samples
  • Tank and container inspection services together with contract laboratory and terminal manning and management

Services offered to:

  • Storage and Product Handling Terminals
  • Refining Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemicals & Polymers Industry
  • Shippers and Pipeline Operators
  • Traders

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