Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) Services

Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) Services

Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) Services

Condition Monitoring through Oil Analysis is a routine practice undertaken by various industries to monitor their Machines and Equipment. Identifying major snags with machinery components before they develop into gigantic problems leading to machine failures. Minimize the risk of damage to your expensive machinery and costly repairs and unscheduled downtime in your critical operations.

Operational issues in machines, engines and other components are often reflected in the condition of the lubricant oil being used. Regularly scheduled oil condition monitoring or used oil analysis can identify mechanical problems before they impact the efficient running of machinery, avoiding costly headaches later on.

How we can fulfil your Oil and Lubricant Analysis Quality Assurance needs?

Our OCM program measures engine oils, lubricating oils, and other fluids for the detection of mechanical wear, lubricant quality degradation, and other associated issues

Oil Condition Monitoring Program Includes:

  • Engine Oil Analysis
  • Gear Oil Analysis
  • Lubricants Testing
  • Transformer Oil Analysis
  • Turbine Oil Analysis
  • Hydraulic Oil Analysis etc.


Our Analysis Includes below Test Parameters:

  • Viscosity analysis - ASTM D 445
  • Viscosity Index - ASTM D 2270
  • Moisture Analysis - ASTM D 6304/ ASTM D95
  • Total Acid Number - ASTM D974/ 664
  • Total Base Number - ASTM D 2896/ 4739
  • Flash Point - ASTM D92/ 93/ 3828
  • FTIR Analysis - ASTM E2412
  • Wear Debris - ASTM D 5185
  • PQ Index - Kittiwake
  • Analytical Ferrography
  • Colour - ASTM D 1500
  • Foam Characteristic - ASTM D 892
  • Demulsibility Characteristics - ASTM D 1401
  • Air Release Value - ASTM D 3427
  • RBOT - ASTM D 3427
  • Insoluble in Oil - ASTM D 893

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