Chiller Oil Analysis

Chiller Oil Analysis

Chiller Oil Analysis

Analyzing compressor lubricant is essential for maintaining and  restoring a Refrigeration / Air conditioning system's health. Chiller oil's test parameters may signal potential  problems when they deviate from their normal state. This oil circulates throughout a refrigeration/ AC System and tend to pick up indicators of a machine's internal conditions.

The presence of harmful, acids, corrosion causing water and abnormal metal wear particles  can all be detected by chemical analysis.

Chiller Oil analysis helps you to identify potential problems impacting operations. Regularly scheduled analysis of the chiller oil is a valuable aid in evaluating  its internal mechanical condition.

Solution to the Chiller System Needs:

A properly performed oil analysis can reveal developing problems within a chiller or refrigeration/AC system.

Our Analysis Includes below Test Parameters:

Refrigerator Gases

  • Appearance - Visual
  • Water- AHRI Std 700-2006 part-2
  • High Boiling Residue- AHRI Std 700-2006 part-3 Particulates/Solids- AHRI Std 700-2006 part-3 Acidity as HCL-AHRI Std 700-2006 Part-1
  • Chloride, no visible turbidity- AHRI Std 700-2006 part-4 R-32-AHRI Std 700-2006 part-10
  • R-125- AHRI Std 700-2006 part-10
  • Volatile Impurities-AHRI Std 700-2006 part-10
  • Air & Other non Condensable gases at 25 deg Celcius - AHRI Std 700-2006 part-5


Chiller Oil Testing

  • Kinematic Viscosity at 40 ˚C - ASTM D445
  • Acid Number- ASTM D664
  • Water Content - ASTM D1533
  • Iron- ASTM D5185
  • Silicon- ASTM D5185
  • Copper- ASTM D5185
  • Aluminium- ASTM D5185
  • Lead - ASTM D5185
  • Tin - ASTM D5185

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