Shelf Life Study Evaluation

Shelf Life Study Evaluation


Foods are perishable and there are many factors that can deteriorate the quality and safety of food products during storage and distribution. It is the duty of all food business operators and related stakeholders to ensure that their consumer is aware of how safe their food is while being stored for prolonged periods of time or shorter time periods in case of highly perishable foods.

The shelf life of food is the period during which the food retains an acceptable quality from a safety and organoleptic point of view, and depends on four main factors, namely ingredients, processing technique used, packaging and storage conditions. It is an important feature for both manufacturers and consumers.

We at TUV India Pvt Ltd care for the safety and quality of food manufactured and consumed by each one of you. 

TUV India also extends  shelf life testing to assist the food industry to determine the sensory, chemical and microbiological changes occurring in a food product at regular intervals over a defined period of time.

Shelf life models are usually planned based on information which describe the relationship between  the food, the package and the environment.

We provide the following services under shelf life testing at our food testing laboratories:

  • Accelerated shelf life testing- This can help you test your product at regular intervals for a short period of time at accelerated conditions. This is facilitated by the help of stability chambers set at different temperature and humidity conditions which are available at our labs.
  • Real Time shelf life testing- This is done for perishable, non-perishable, frozen and chilled foods.
  • Sensory Evaluation- A very crucial part of shelf life testing is the organoleptic effect on the food product which plays a crucial role in the overall acceptance and market presence of the food product. At TUV India, with the help of sensory evaluation experts we conduct sensory evaluation at every frequency of shelf life testing or as per client requirements. TUV India also encourages joint sensory analysis wherein our clients can also join in sensory evaluation to ensure a non-bias evaluation.






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