TUV India KYF - Know Your Food Certification Schemes!

TUV India KYF - Know Your Food Certification Schemes!

About Us:

With over 14000 satisfied customers and with the team of more than 1100 competent resources present at over 25 locations across India, TUV India is never very far from its customers. We provide diverse services in Industrial Services, Management System Certification, Food Inspection & Certification,Infrastructure, Construction, Project Management, Laboratory Testing, Training, Automotive Services, Product Testing & Certification, Sustainability Services, Railway and Renewable Energy.


FAFI Introduction:
Foundation for Authentic Food of India (FAFI) is a non-profit making foundation established with the intent to provide science based authentication protocols for various Indian Foods being served locally & globally. Foods are prepared by following certain methodologies and principles. People belonging to various cultures trust the declarations given by processors or food serving facilities but there is no authentication. FAFI authentication processes includes providing protocols, approving assessment Bodies and providing certification of compliance based on the assessment results.


TUV India Private Limited in collaboration with FAFI have defined product certifications based on Satvik, Jain & Vegan principles.


FAFI Know Your Food (KYF) Certification:
FAFI KYF Authentic Certificate is applicable to restaurants, hotels and food manufacturers. It can be implemented by all organizations that process and sell Satvik, Jain & Vegan food products. The certification will help this scheme followers to consume food with greater confidence. KYF Jain/ Vegan/ Veg Satvik certified product manufacturers can use the logo on product labels to enhance customer satisfaction.


Audit Methodology:
Organizations seeking certification under the KYF Authentic standard shall demonstrate
conformance through

  • Annual audits, Site inspection, Personnel interview
  • Food Safety & product risk assessments
  • Regulatory & product principle requirements
  • Document verification and traceability supported by Satvik, Jain & Vegan product processing and testing methodologies

KYF-Satvik Food: FAFI has created a protocol for Veg Satvik Food preparation & assessment. This will assure consumers that the Satvik principles are adopted by the certified food businesses & will built consumer confidence.


Benefit of KYF Veg Satvik Certification:

  • Satvik signifies the etheric qualities and decrease tamasic energy
  • Our independent certification allows you to use Satvik logo on the product
  • Build consumer confidence
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Enables the product to stand out from the competition


KYF- Jain Food: Jain dharma is an ancient Indian religion. Jainism is based on Nonviolence. Jain food is completely vegetarian & excludes underground vegetables, harmful act towards small insects & microorganisms. FAFI has developed certification protocol for certifying the food facilities adopting the Jain philosophy & principles.


Benefit of KYF Jain Food Certification:

  • Control on the possible cross contamination
  • Improved reliability on the claims of Jain food
  • Help you to authenticate your claim of production & supply of Jain Food
  • Build consumer confidence
  • Our Third party certification allows you to use Jain Food logo on the product


KYF-Vegan Food: Veganism has had a longer history than you might imagine. It could be said that there have always been vegans – people who have chosen to live as far as pos-sible without the use of animal products. Plant- based foods are packed with phytochemicals – including the powerful antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. FAFI has created a protocol for Vegan Food preparation & assessment.


Benefit of Vegan Food:

  • Get your Vegan claim certified to get authenti-cation in the market
  • Vegan logo will build consumer confidence
  • Product differentiation in competitive global markets

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