Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

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A preventive system recognised and respected by the scientific community as well as international food quality organisations as the most effective approach to the manufacture of safe food.

HACCP Based Food Safety Systems

The certification is designed to prevent problems before they occur and to correct them as soon as they are detected.

A process control system that identifies and prevents microbial, chemical and other hazards in food. Potential food hazards could be biological (microbes); chemical (toxin); or physical (adulterants).

All the available Food Safety Systems are based on Codex Principles & HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a seven-step logical tool develop a food safety plan.

Requirements to enable a HACCP plan

  • Describe the product
  • Identify intended use
  • Construct process flow diagrams
  • Conform the flow diagram with actual situation

The 7 Principals of HACCP

  • Identify potential food safety hazards.
  • Identify critical control points.
  • Establish control limits.
  • Establish monitoring points.
  • Establish corrective action.
  • Establish effective record keeping procedures.
  • Establish procedures for verification.

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