Hygiene Ratings for Safe and Happy Eating

FSSAI Food Hygiene Rating : An online, transparent scoring and rating process to allow consumers to make informed choices

FSSAI Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is an online, transparent scoring and rating process which aims to allow consumers to make informed choices about the places where they eat out & through these choices, encourage businesses to improve their hygiene standards & thus reduce the incidence of food-borne illness. This Hygiene rating concept is new in India, but has parallels in many countries across the globe. Every country has its own terminologies which explain the idea of ensuring safe and hygienic food in all catering businesses to the general public. Some of the well-known schemes already in place are "Food Hygiene Rating Scheme" (FHRS) in England,Wales and Northern Ireland, "Scores on Doors" a star rating scheme in Australia, etc.

Current Mandatory Requirements are :

  • Qualified FBOs (Food Business Operators) need to have FSSAI License/ Registration and follow schedule 4 requirements. This aims to provide for adequate measures that are to be adopted to ensure that food being served to the consumers is of good quality and safe to eat.
  • Train all food handlers and appoint a certified Food Safety Supervisors. Access FSS training portal "FOSTAC" to get more information.
  • Must have Food Safety Display Boards prominently displayed in the premises.
  • Get food samples tested periodically.

How to Enroll in Hygiene Ratings Scheme:

  1. Log in using your FLRS (Food Licensing and Registration System) credentials at: 
  2. Follow Guidelines and complete self-assessment
  3. Generate "hygiene rating" or enroll for "Responsible place to eat"
  4. Print self-assessment ratings certificate online.
  5. Verification of ratings will be done by a FSO (Food Safety officer) from FSSAI, through an inspection. 
  6. Post Inspection, FBO can generate the verified(signed) rating certificate.
  7. Enroll for "Responsible place to eat" if above ratings score is 4 (Good ) or more.

Checklist and Scoring process:

   1. A sample Audit Checklist for assessment of the FBO on Hygiene Ratings is accessible at link: http:/ / 

  2. How to calculate scores :

  • Indicated marks for each question marked yes, will be added to arrive at the total score.
  • Questions marked with "Asterisk" are critical and impact food safety. Failure to comply with these will lead to non-issuance of ratings.
  • Score achieved is converted to percentage via the formula : Tot al Score value * 100 / 114

 3. How to interpret the scores ?

 This can be understood by the below details:


Categories% Score
      Very Good 81 to 100
      Good 61 to 80
      Fair 41 to 60
      Needs Improvement 21 to 40


How to improve your Hygiene Rating :

Any FBO desiring to improve their ratings can do so by taking following steps:

  • Check the practices not followed as per the above audit checklist and arrive at the issues. Some pointers to reflect on the ideal hygiene practices, are available here.
  • Take clear, concrete steps to ensure and demonstrate compliance for each of these issues.
  • Redo self-assessment, which is not earlier than 3 months from the previous inspection and print certificate.
  • Re-inspection will be done automatically as per the first in - first out queue with the FSO.
  • Print the new verified rating certificate online.

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