FAMI-QS : Feed Additives and Premixtures Quality System

FAMI-QS certification

FAMI-QS is the Gateway for Feed manufacturers to sell their feed in Europe and USA, where the demand is increasing day by day.


  • Exclusive Program for feed industry
  • Registered in Community register of feed additives EC 1831/2003
  • Client to register directly with FAMI QS website
  • Applications of HACCP principles
  • Important standard to get access to European Market


Feed additives sector is well regulated in the EU (Regulation EC 1831/2003 on Additives for use in Animal Nutrition and Regulation 183/2005 on Feed Hygiene). In parallel to the publication of these Regulations, FAMI-QS developed a Code to Good Practice for our sector. This is a certifiable Code and therefore interested companies can be audited and certified against it. The requirements of the Code meet all legislative requirements in the EU. FAMI-QS was recognized by the European Authorities as the official Guide to Good Practice, and this official recognition was published in the EU Official Journal in January 2007 (please click here for more information at the European Commission’s website:

  • Companies certified with the FAMI-QS code can demonstrate compliance with the EC Regulation 183/2008. Certification process is running under a worldwide network of independent and accredited Certification Bodies and qualified assessors, in safeguard of Transparency and Impartiality in the whole certification process. A FAMI-QS certified operator can demonstrate compliance with the feed safety EU regulation and gain access to the European market

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