Create an environment of safe food and healthy eating in various campuses.

The concept of Eat Right Campus has been institutionalized by the FSSAI, Government of India to create an environment of safe food and healthy eating in various campuses such as work places, defence and paramilitary establishments, schools, colleges, jails, hospitals, health institutions or similar places. It is based on five star rating mechanism with set of well-defined benchmarks on food safety and hygiene, food waste management, healthy diet, promotion of local seasonal food and awareness generation.

As we all know that most people spend majority of their time at workplace and consume at least one meal in their work place canteens, cafeterias. Due to growing lifestyle disorders combining with rising incidence of diet related diseases, work place need to be more conscious and mindful for their employee's health. Therefore, it is important for a workplace to ensure availability of safe food and healthy diet for their employees.

Eat Right Campus (ERC) provides unique opportunity to a work place in showcasing their efforts around employee health and well-being, but also helps in setting examples for rest of the industry about the best practices those needs to be followed by corporate for employee engagements. The FSSAI Government of India wants to propagate the agenda of Eat Right Campus among the Industry.

The audit is conducted based on the checklist which consists of five parameters. On the basis of the final audit score, the institute is certified as Eat Right Campus with a Five star rating.

The parameters for evaluation would be as follows:

  • Compliance to Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Healthy Diet
  • Food Waste Management
  • Promotion of local and seasonal Food on campus
  • Promotion of awareness on food safety and healthy diet in and around campus.


Audit process for Eat Right Campus:

  • Registration with FSSAI
  • Pre Audit ( Gap Assessment Audit)
  • Fostac training
  • Final Audit
  • Issue of Certificate

Who Can Apply For Eat Right Campus:

Any institution with defined premises and food handling activities like cooking, processing, store, retail etc. e.g. university, workplace, jail, defense and paramilitary establishments, school, colleges, institutes, hospitals, health institution or similar campus.

The food establishment on such campuses could either be managed by the campus establishment and/or be run by third parties.

The pre-requisite for ERC: The food business should be licensed / registered under FSS Act 2016.

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