Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants


A QSR or a Quick Service Restaurant is a restaurant format in which customers are served food that is pre-prepared in a base kitchen and assembled in the restaurant kitchen. The service style is mostly self-service and the table turnover rate is deliberately kept high.

The Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 18% during 2021-2025 due to increasing urbanization, rapid expansion in food delivery services, expanding young & working population and growing number of dual-income families and rising disposable income in the country.

To run a QSR sustainably and successfully, the company should have a well-established quality system in place. At TUV India, we work with prominent QSRs in India and support them with a wide range of testing as well as certification requirements.

TUV India is well known for their wide coverage of sampling services pan India. We co-ordinate the sampling, transport, and testing of samples all done by highly skilled TUV India employees who are regularly trained to meet quality requirements  of the changing market and customer needs.

 At our testing laboratory we provide pesticide residue testing, metal contaminants testing, nutritional analysis testing which also covers amino acid testing, sugar profiling, food package testing etc. Our facility also has an in-house microbiological laboratory where we also provide rapid genetic detection testing for selected strains for faster results as required by many such QSRs. TUV India also provides allergen testing. All our tests are done using internationally approved methods and best in class high end equipment.


Few of the services we offer to QSRs:

  • TUV India covers the length and breadth of India with pan India sampling services for water, ice, food and environmental monitoring at customers request
  • IS 10500 Water testing
  • Shelf life study evaluation for primary and secondary products such as sauces, beverages, cakes, cookies, and other finished products
  • Total polar compounds testing
  • Complete FSSR testing for tea, juices, sauces, and many other products
  • Nutritional analysis testing
  • Microbiology analysis of finished food products
  • Food package material testing
  • Hygiene Audits carried out regularly by TUV  India certification team
  • Best in market turnaround time (TAT)
  • Allergen testing





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