Food Nutritional Analysis

Food Nutritional Analysis

Food Nutritional Analysis

 “Safe food for a healthy tomorrow” the motto for celebrating world food safety day, conveys that for a healthy tomorrow it is important for humankind to have access to safe nutritious food. With the increasing demand for convenient food options, majority of foods are packaged with extended shelf lives. Accurate food nutrition labelling with allergen declarations are crucial for all packaged foods. FSSAI has also amended the labelling regulations to further incorporate and define the importance of scientifically appropriate nutrition labels and allergen declarations on every packaged food commodity.

All Food Business Operators (FBO) need to ensure that their food labels meet the mandatory FSSAI label requirements, which aims at providing all consumers with clear values to ensure that they make nutritiously conscious choices while purchasing any food item. At TUV India, we provide you with complete nutrition label testing services and allergen testing service.

Nutrition analysis of food products covers a vast range of specific tests to map out the complete nutritional profile.


Amino Acid Profiling

Amino acids are the basic units of protein and are required for synthesis of protein in human body which further avoids protein deficiency related diseases. Humans need to consume balanced diets containing essential amino acids which are not naturally synthetized by the body. At TUV India, we provide complete amino acid profiling using internally approved methods on LCMS/MS with best in market LOQs.


Sugar Profiling & Sugar Analysis

Nonnutritive sweeteners (NNS) have become an important part of everyday life and are increasingly used in a variety of dietary and medicinal products. This increasing demand has led to production of more reduced sugars/sugar free alternatives of food products. It is now common to find label claims such as “Sugar Free” or “No added Sugars” on food products which often affects the final purchase decision of any consumer. At TUV India, we have an extensive analysis portfolio for sugar profiling analysis, total sugars and added sugars analysis, sugar alcohols analysis and analysis of steviol glycosides (Stevia).


Fatty Acid Profiling

Fats are essential for energy and a healthy body functioning. At TUV India, internationally recognized methods are used to perform fatty acid profiling of food products. Analysis of desirable fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 are also done. Apart from desirable fats, the profiling covers analysis of undesirable fats such as Trans fats which is a crucial declaration on all labels as it is being strictly controlled by FSSAI. Our profiling also covers analysis of Cholesterols.


Dietary Fibre

Dietary fibre also known as roughage is an essential component of carbohydrate containing foods which maintain the digestive functions of human body. Mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, products of cereals and grains contribute to dietary fibre in our diet. At TUV India, we perform analysis of total dietary fibres which include analysis of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres.


Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are highly essential for a healthy human body. FBOs have been working on improving existing food products and as well as innovating new food products which are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. At TUV India, all water soluble vitamins (All B vitamins and Vitamin C) and fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K) and essential minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, sodium and many more are analyzed on HPLC & LCMS/MS using internationally approved methods.


Other requirements

At TUV India, we perform complete analysis of the mandated required nutrients such as Energy, Carbohydrates, Proteins, & Fats.


Allergen Testing

FSSAI has mandated the declaration of food allergens on all packaged food items. FBOs now need to analyze and declare relevant food allergens on their labels to provide consumers with accurate information as allergens can have adverse health effects on health. TUV India provides best in market allergen testing service with a wide coverage of required FSSAI allergens at competitive LOQs.

TUV India provides services with nutrition label compliance as per FSSAI, US FDA, Australia & New Zealand, EU, and other country label requirements.

Nutritional labelling is very crucial for every food product in the market. With the increasing consumer awareness to choose healthier food options, FBOs should ensure their labels meet all legal requirements and the information provided on the label are backed with scientific data.

Label claims and nutritional information on every food label are the main pointers that affect final consumer decision, if any of the declared information is incorrect, this could lead to mislabeling and misleading of consumers, which results in consumption of foods that could cause adverse health effects.

TUV India continually words towards achieving safe and nutritious food for a healthy tomorrow through extensive testing of food products which results in contributing to healthier, nutritious and safe food for consumers.

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