FIRST - Food Innovation, Research & Support Team

FIRST - Food Innovation, Research & Support Team

Food Innovation, Research and Support Team

Manufacturers producing food products, disinfectants, and personal care items need to constantly innovate new products and improvise existing products to meet the constantly changing market demands. A well-established quality assurance and control plan is mandate for all these manufacturers.

Over the years, scientists and researchers have gathered large amounts of technical data to support various product claims. TUV India food testing laboratory have launched a unique service called FIRST which stands for Food Innovation, Research and Support team. One of its kind, FIRST paves the way towards innovative growth.

As the name suggests, the team has been created to understand the growing market requirements and trends for food products, disinfectants and personal care items, using thorough research to support and guide related stakeholders for ease in testing of their products.

FIRST focuses and guides industry stakeholders on below testing requirements-

Food Product Shelf Life Studies:

  • Real time shelf life study
  • Accelerated shelf life study (ASLT)
  • Chilled condition study
  • Product abuse study

Our stability studies, include testing of sensory attributes, microbiological analysis, physio-chemical analysis and product abuse studies to help determine shelf life of a food product over a wide range of temperature/humidity conditions using stability chambers.

Sensory Evaluation:

  • Product Profiling
  • Product Benchmarking
  • Product Acceptance
  • Sensory evaluation for different types of food packaging
  • Basic & Advanced Training Courses on Sensory Evaluation

A crucial part during new product development and shelf life studies is the assessment of the organoleptic quality of the food product. Design and implementation of sensory analysis with the help of trained sensory analysts is vital for product quality and market acceptance.

Technical Research Projects:

  • Germ Kill/Contact Kill Time (CKT)/MIC
  • Efficacy testing
  • Challenge studies
  • PET- Preservative Efficacy testing for Cosmetics
  • Customized study as per specific requirements
  • Guidance and Advisory services

With the onset of a global pandemic and a surge in market demand for sanitizers and disinfectants, stakeholders require quality control by thorough testing of products to prove its efficacy. At TUV India, our team has developed methods using international standards to test efficacy of solutions. TUV India, also conducts challenge studies, PET for cosmetics and other specific customer requirements where the team works on curating studies as required.


  • Product validation (Support at Research and Development)
  • Process validation (Environmental Monitoring program)

FIRST was formed to guide and provide advisory services to interested stakeholders for further improving their processing as well as end product quality to help standardize and increase the production of more innovative products to meet with the growing consumer and market needs.

TUV India, performs a wide range of tests and studies to help in process validations to ensure uniform quality during manufacturing stages and conducts tests and verifications on the final product to ensure consumer acceptance and product validation. With the use of high end equipment’s and internationally approved methods, design of protocols and testing are done by experienced and highly skilled analysts and subject matter experts.

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