Supplier Quality Assurance Audits (SQAA)

The challenge in today’s competitive world amidst the most aware consumers, is to make a completely safe and palatable food available. For this purpose and to gain trust of the customers/consumers, the raw materials which are being supplied by the Suppliers need to be checked, tested by the organizations, so that they comply with the latest food standards.


What is a Supplier Audit?

A supplier audit is an inspection of the Suppliers where specification of the products provided by the supplier (raw materials, packaging specification, product testing, storage, warehouse conditions), Hygiene plan, pest control plans, whether the supplier has an Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan and follow Good manufacturing practice (GMP) or not is thoroughly audited.

Supplier Audits bring benefits to both the organization as well as the Supplier to minimize unnecessary risk and meet compliance with the standards.

Supplier Audits can be: Announced audit or Unannounced audit.

  • Announced Audit: This audit involves giving prior notice to suppliers before an audit is conducted. Both parties agree on this before the inspection occurs.
  • Unannounced Audit: These audits are when no prior knowledge of the date of inspection is given. This is a growing style of inspection as it allows for an insight into the daily operations and practices used onsite. 

Audit Procedure:

  1. Pre-Audit Questionnaire.
  2. Notification of Audit to supplier. (in case of Announced audit)
  3. Execution of the audit.
  4. Reports and findings.
  5. NC closure.
  6. Final Audit report.

TUV India being a leading certification body provides Supplier Quality Assurance Audits (SQAA) services under our second party / customised audit portfolio.

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