Certification to ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

ISO 14001: Strong positioning through active environmental management

The steadily increasing environmental awareness among the population makes the topic become a more important factor in the economy as well: Companies who make responsibility towards people and nature a part of their everyday business contribute to sustainability, improve their image and strengthen their own position on the market. Certification according to the internationally recognised Standard ISO 14001 offers independent confirmation of a responsible approach to the environment. It is suitable for organisations of all sizes and from all sectors.

Certification according to ISO 14001 offers you many benefits

  • You save costs through continuous improvement of environmental performance
  • You save resources and reduce environmental risks 
  • You implement required environmental protection measures in good time
  • You reduce environmental risks 
  • You save fees for approval procedures
  • You are assured a high level of legal compliance with regard to binding commitments
  • You fulfil consumer demands for environmental awareness
  • You improve your image as an environmentally-aware organisation


What does certification according to ISO 14001 mean?

ISO 14001 is the most comprehensive environmental management and audit system for continuous improvement of environmental performance of companies and organisations and is valid throughout the world.  It specifies requirements for your environmental management and includes the entire value chain. The standard is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act model and assesses the environmental impacts of the processes and products of the certified organisation itself, but also upstream and downstream processes such as use of raw materials and logistics.

The standard offers additional essential elements, such as continuous improvement of environmental performance and transparency based on environmental reporting. And above all, the confirmation that legal regulations are fulfilled provides evidence of legal compliance, with positive consequences as regards liability, and reassurance for the employees within your organisation.  

The entire life cycles of products and services are considered in the certification process, and risks and opportunities are assessed. Because of its High Level Structure of Standards (HLS), it can be combined with other certifications into an integrated management system.

Your Route to Certification:

Certification to ISO 14001 is a two-step process: the first step consists of a review of documentation, and this is followed by a visit to your company site. The on-site visit and also the document review are intended to assess if your environmental management system fulfils the requirements of the standard(s).

  • Inquiry, offer preparation, and description
  • Certification Audit - Stage I and II
  • Public TÜV- Certificate
  • Continuous Development of the management

Certification with TUV India

TUV India is recognised as a well-established and reliable provider of inspection and certification services, assessing fulfilment of legal regulations and voluntary standards all over the world. We employ experienced specialists in all our areas of activity. As a matter of principle, our auditors are trained to a very high level and use standardised methods. We guarantee independence, neutrality and continuity in all our services to you.

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