Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA)

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Certification of the vehicle as a Whole is called as Whole vehicle type approval (WVTA as the term is commonly known) For each kind of vehicle there are frame work directives which list down the requirements to be satisfied.i.s guided by the Frame work directives.

The Frame work directives make reference to number of other directives for individual components ,systems and sub systems. Experts from TUV India provide  on how to comply with motor vehicle regulations. Our solutions are customised to suit your particular needs. Our experienced audit team will take you through the homologation process, including the relevant administrative requirements to help you obtain the necessary approvals.

Frame work directive For two Wheelers : 2002/24/EEC
Frame work directive For Four Wheelers : 2007/46/EEC
Frame work directive For agricultural Tractors : 2003/37/EEC

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