Safety and Quality of Water Rides

Safety and Quality of Water Rides

Safety and Quality of Water Rides

Pools, waterslides, water attractions and related equipment have become more and more complex. Meanwhile safety requirements are increasingly getting strict as safety is a critical factor. With TUV India Private Limited (TÜV NORD GROUP)’s extensive knowhow all safety concerns are thoroughly considered, minimizing risk for manufacturers, operators and users.

With its specialized portfolio of services TUV India is a reliable partner for the water park industry to maintain competitiveness without compromising safety.

Inspections and certifications can be conducted according to all major standards such as EN 1069:2017, EN 15288-1:2018, EN 15288-2:2018 local legislation and relevant national and international applicable specifications and guidelines.

TUV India - ensures safety for the entire range of:

  • Water  Slides
  • Splash Pools
  • Water parks
  • Pools and pool equipment
  • Water attractions and games
  • Pump stations
  • Water treatment & Quality Facilities.

Our Services:

  • Design & planning
  • Design Assessment and documentation Review
  • Risk assessment.
  • Technical & Safety consulting

Manufacturing & Assembly

  • Inspection, testing and monitoring of  manufactured parts, assemblies and ride systems
  • Acceptance tests including measurements of speed, accelerations an strains
  • Conformity assessment on safety distances, surrounding areas (entrance, exit, steps, ramps, railings etc.)

Operation & Maintenance:

  •  Inspection of structures, supporting elements, surfaces, columns, foundations, welds, bolted, connections, painting etc.
  • Inspection of electro-mechanical equipment in pump rooms (ballast tanks, pumps, pipes, valves, filters etc.)
  • Check of water flow, water quality and treatment procedures through chemical and micro-biological measurement                    
  • Review of materials and equipment certificates,operation and maintenance manuals, incident/accident log book and documentation                                                                 
  • Review and training for supervisory activities and staff (e.g. lifeguards)
  • Review of public safety information (e.g. instruction and warning plates)

Your Benefit:

  • Improved quality, safety and reliability of equipment and  facilities                                           
  • Compliance with applicable local and international standards, regulations and procedures
  • Minimizing risk during development, construction and operation of equipment and facilities




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