Safety and Quality of Amusement Rides

Safety and Quality of Amusement Rides

Safety and Quality of Amusement Rides

Carrying the valuable freight of human beings and meanwhile providing them with joy and excitement means great responsibility. Manufacturers and operators need to make sure that amusement rides are safe and run smoothly.

With TUV India Private Limited (TÜV NORD GROUP) as a competent partner and independent third party involved in the process, compliance with the standards and requirements is ensured and safety is      maximized.

Operators, manufacturers and investors of  amusement parks or fairgrounds can rely on TUV India in all stages of the value chain, from concept and design to construction, operation and maintenance.

We offer services for certification, periodic  inspection, design review, manufacturing supervision, site       assessment and acceptance tests for all types of amusement rides. Inspections and certifications is  performed according to all  major guidelines such as ISO 17842-1, ISO 17842-2 & ISO 17842-3, local     legislation and relevant national and international   applicable standards, e.g. ISO, EN, DIN or ASTM.

Design Review:

Our team of experts conducts a thorough review of the design calculation and drawings, ride control system as well as risk assessment.

Manufacturing & Shop Inspections:

During the manufacturing and assembly process, quality inspections will be conducted to improve the safety, quality and reliability of  safety critical parts. Where needed materials are tested for safe operation. The    inspection consists of a structural and electrical/ride  control inspection.

Acceptance Tests:

Acceptance tests generally start during the installation of the ride enabling to trace deviations in an early stage and to correct them during installation. Once the installation is completed the safe-operation of the ride is tested by multiple measurements like speed, acceleration and G-Forces. In addition, the ride environment (queue lines, operator area, decoration) is also assessed.

Periodic Inspection:

Our international team of experts conducts a thorough examinations of amusement rides in order to have an independent view on safer operation and to issue operating licenses.

Consulting & Training:

TUV  India Private Limited (TÜV NORD GROUP)  is at your side providing consultancy services in all phases of the value chain. Furthermore we provide instructions and trainings for maintenance as well as operating staff.

Your Benefit:

· Compliance with applicable local and international standards, regulations and procedures

· Minimizing risks during development, construction and operation of your rides

· Identification of wear and faults at an early stage minimizing risks and downtimes for rides, therefor  improving efficiency and profitability