TUV India female team members celebrated Women's Day with a Noble act.

TUV India female team members celebrated Women's Day with a Noble act.:


From knocking at car windows to selling their knick-knacks like toys, limbu, mirchi, newspapers at the traffic signals to sitting in this classroom preparing for their exams, street children have come a long way in the past 4 years. Here, where 22 roads meet and cars stop for about 2.45 mins stands the humble and unique Signal Shala under the flyover at the Teen Hath Naka junction in Thane, a school for street children. Living at traffic signals, the children would support their parents by selling flowers or other items and in desperate times even turn to begging. On most days, they did not know where their next meal would come from.

Operating out of shipping containers (Porta cabins) under a flyover, the school completes 4 years in June 2020. The concept or idea having the background of Right to Education started 5 years ago with the thought of admitting these children in municipal school by Mr. Bhatu Sawant, now CEO of Signal Shala.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day Celebration as a small gesture towards this noble cause all the female team members of TUV India Head Office visited Signal Shala on 7th March 2020 and gifted them Computer Keyboards, Computer Mouse, White board Dusters, Floor Cleaning Dusters and Computer Speakers. Sweets were also distributed to the children during their lunch time and everyone interacted with the little ones and their teachers too.

The teachers shared that it was a challenge to get these children admitted to even nearby municipal schools as even the basic needs of these children like malnutrition, skin diseases, lack of hygiene made it all the more difficult. Taking all this into account Mr. Bhatu Sawant and his team conducted a survey and arranged counselling sessions with the parents and took the concept ahead. Mr. Sawant with his team made food plans taking help from Jupiter hospital for the childrens nutrition , appointed full time teacher. A special dictionary was made from Pardhi language to Marathi. Accordingly children were admitted into classes respectively.

Mr. Bhatu Sawant proudly shared with our team the success stories of few children who with their grit and determination completed their graduation and now placed as Electronics Engineer, 2 of them selected for internship with ISRO Bangalore and one will join the Police force soon. Apart from providing education, the Signal Shala also conducts activities like sports, dance, malkam, games. The school that began with 22 students, now has 46 children from kindergarten to the tenth standard.

The afternoon ended with a sumptuous lunch at the “Banana Leaf” . TUV India team members expressed "It was a day worth spent and looking at the cheerful faces of the children really made our Day !" 

We at TUV India wish to appreciate and thank all the women in our head office who whole heartedly contributed to this noble cause with their help and time.