TUV India Celebrated 31st Foundation Day on 8th August 2020

31st Foundation Day Celebration:

8th August, 2020, the Foundation Day of TUV India brought another glorious day as we ushered in the 31st Anniversary of its strong existence with continuous journey of growth. 
With the lockdown in effect and most employees working from their homes, organizing the function on a physical platform was not feasible, we have been doing our Foundation day function on Digital platform from last three years to bring all team members across India together however they used to be at their respective branch offices, this time when many team members were at home our Managing Director, Mr. Manish Bhuptani came up with a bold and innovative idea of connecting with all colleagues along with their families by conducting the all-time exciting singing completion “Antakshari” online.
Though challenging, our HR Head Ms Anjali Joshi and her team took the idea forward and planned the entire concept for conducting the online Antakshari and Long Service Awards. A WebEx session was arranged which was also extended by YouTube live streaming to enable all team members to join at the same time and be part of an important event of the Company. 
The function began with an Introduction to the day by Ms Anjali to all team members who joined through WebEx and YouTube which was followed by kick off by our Managing Director Mr. Manish Bhuptani, who addressed the team speaking on the achievements of TUV India, present environment and how TUV India is achieving higher milestones.
The Antakshari called as “Hum Kissi Se Kam Nahi” was started off by the most famous song “Papa Kehte Hain” by none other than our most excited Managing Director Mr. Manish Bhuptani, who sang his heart out with much gusto and enthusiasm.  After seeing the first foot put forward by Mr.Bhuptani, other team members were invited to carry the round forward which turned the atmosphere with melody.  All team members sang with so much excitement and willingness resulting in spreading fun and laughter. We also got an opportunity to hear regional songs from our colleagues belonging to various parts of India.  TUV India team witnessed various talents of singing of our colleagues with their spouses, playing of various musical instruments by their children which was spectacular.  An outstanding musical performance by our team from Sri Lanka headed by Mr. Wasantha Gunarathne turned the evening around and definitely made a mark as highlight of the event.  
After a euphonious round of Antakshari, it was now time to bring in the second most important part of the event, the Long Service Awards.   
Heartfelt recognition given on days of significant milestones such as our Foundation Day, brings in a feeling of being valued and appreciated to the employees which helps to increase their sense of engagement and loyalty to the Company.  
We had 19 team members who received their Long Service awards under the 10 years category followed by 4 team members who received the trophy for their dedication and commitment for 15 years. 
For untiring service and commitment to TUV India for the last 25 years, Mr. V. K Hattarage VP - System Certification and Training, Pune Region was presented with a Trophy and a gift which was declared online.  
We also took this opportunity to honour our two senior colleagues, Mr. Shrikant Kulkarni Sr. Vice President - Management System Certification & Training and Mrs. Lina Vivek Sr.Vice President - Management System Certification & Training with the “Life Time Achievement Award” for their remarkable journey exhibiting outstanding, creative and innovative leadership in the growth and advancement for the organization. 
All the awardees of the evening shared their experience and expressed gratitude with all, they complimented the organization for providing such recognition and opportunities to excel.  Mr. Bhuptani congratulated all the awardees personally sharing his experience and thoughts on the contribution by all of them in the growth journey of TUV India.  
The most spectacular and nostalgic evening was concluded with thank you note by Mr. Manish Bhuptani to all team members for their participation and co-operation and he specially praised the talent that was showcased by all team members with their families. He further acknowledged the efforts of power pack team comprising members from Human Resources, IT, Administration and Corporate Communication departments for putting up such a beautiful event for all our colleagues. 
The event definitely made all team members very happy and connected.
We have compiled the visuals of events in a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRApWpoK1QM