Adani Ports and Logistics awarded TUV India as “Best Testing facility at Adani Port Hazira”

TUV India was awarded by Adani Ports and Logistics as “Best Testing facility at Adani Port Hazira” at Daman, Gujarat on 20th October 2019.

TUV India Petroleum, Chemical and Gas division has set up a well-equipped laboratory at Adani port Hazira. This is the only laboratory with such extensive equipment set up at this terminal. This state of art testing facility is helping the trade and ensuring quality.

TUV India is the preferred inspection & testing organisation for Adani & their clients.

TUV India team members Mr. Girish More and Mr Devidas Algat were also awarded for best performance throughout year by Mr Kashyap Desai -VP Marketing Adani Liquid Terminals.

TUV India wish to Thank Adani team for acknowledging our efforts and recognising our testing facility. We are looking forward to provide best services to more and more customers at the terminal.

Petroleum, Chemicals & Gas services of TUV India (TÜV NORD GROUP) provides a wide range of technical, analytical and operational services to the petroleum, petrochemicals, chemicals, gases and related industries. These services are designed to reduce risk, to add value and to comply with contracts and regulations. Our core values of complete independence, transparency and integrity guide us in our mission to deliver excellent services on a constant high quality level to customers around the world.