Laboratory Analyst(HPLC / ICP-OES / GCMS,GC FID,GC-MS)

Job Title

Laboratory Analyst


Pune / Bangalore - Food Lab


2 - 5 years

Qualification Chemistry or Analytical Chemistry or Organic Chemistry

Job Profile

Operation & Handling of  HPLC / ICP-OES / GCMS,GC FID,GC-MS/MS Instrument

Routine analysis of HPLC samples (Vitamins & Antioxidant, Preservatives, Artificial sweeteners etc) / ICP-OES (All Food Matrix & Material Sample) / GCMS(food matrix & water samples,Pesticides Residue Analysis in food and Agriculture produce)

Method validation, calibration/Maintenance of HPLC/ ICP-OES / GCMS,GC FID,GC-MS/MS Instrument

Preparing &maintaining of reference standards, documents handling etc.