Assistant Manager/ Manager - QA QC

Job Title

Assistant Manager/ Manager - QA QC




7 years


B.Tech - Civil

Job Profile

Review / Formulate and implement quality assurance and quality control system (Project Quality Plan) submitted by Contractor(s) and monitor its implementation.

To document the quality procedures to be implemented and get it approved by the Company.

Monitor progress of, shop drawings and / or working drawings, of Contractor(s) and co- ordinates with the Contractor(s).

Make regular visits to the works places / workshops of Contractor(s) and material suppliers if necessary, to inspect quality, progress and delivery in relation to the detailed program and report to the Company.

Take all reasonable steps so that Contractor(s) regulate their policies and procedures to conform to the best construction practices including setting the quality control procedures such as pour cards, checklist etc.

Supervise the production of all site work to achieve the necessary quality and prompt replacement of defective work by the Contractor(s). Maintain records of quality tests or opening up for inspection required by Contractor(s).

Maintain records of weather, temperature and site conditions necessary for administration of the project.

Direct Contractor(s) to conduct testing and commissioning in accordance with the quality control procedures.

Conduct periodic quality meetings to maintain pre-set quality standards.

Checking of quality of all incoming materials through physical inspection & tests.

Inspect on site activities and to achieve high-quality installations and construction in accordance with specifications through adequate checks.

Review Quality plan of vendors and conduct regular audits to check adherence at site. Maintaining records pertaining to quality & testing.

Review of work method statements of vendors for all major activities.Coordinate review and approval of shop drawings.

Issue Non conformity reports (NCR) to vendors for deviations from agreed specifications and design and manage closure of all NCRs through concerned vendors.Issuance of site instructions – following formal approval procedure.

Establish comprehensive testing, commissioning and handover procedures for contract work.Witness key handover and acceptance meetings.

Provide direction to contractors of any remedial action (if necessary) to achieve stipulated programme and milestone dates.Conduct ad-hoc daily inspections of works and review progress.

Arrange appropriate Project meetings. Record correspondences and Minutes of Meetings.

Assist and manage through Company provided manpower and infrastructure proper receipts, storage and issue of Company procured items.

Proper documentation to be maintained with regard to Company procured store items.