Analyst - Instrumentation

Job Title

Analyst - Instrumentation


Bangalore - Food Lab


3 - 4 years


M.Sc - Chemistry

Job Profile

Perform routine lab tasks that provide experience and familiarization with methods, practices, and programs to include:

Preparation of samples using standard techniques, following standard operating procedures.

Performing chemical solutions, standards, dilutions; following standard operating procedures.

Data evaluation, Data reporting/uploading into data reporting system.

Reporting data, and any unusual test occurrences to department manager.

Conforming to laboratory QA/QC practices.

Responsible for general housekeeping in work area/department.

Ability to perform instrument maintenance, including; Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry.

Performing instrument maintenance and troubleshooting as needed.

Batching instruments, assisting other laboratory technicians in other departments as needed depending on workload.

Ensuring instruments are running following benchmarks, and optimized to ensure clients' needs are met.

Uploading calibration curves and data.

Reporting full data packages, including uploading calibration curves and data.

Work with department manager to create efficiency gains to reduce down times and costs.

SOP updating.

Working with department manager to ensure benchmarks are met and methods/instruments/protocols continuously improve.