Global Good Agricultural Practices (Global GAP) certification

Global GAP certification which is the abbreviation for Global Good Agricultural Practices is a certification scheme that applies to the agro commodities. These include fruits and vegetables, spices, tea, aromatic crops, etc to name a few. This scheme is managed through an experienced scheme owner who define the rules and requirements to be followed within this scheme.

This scheme can be implemented by a single farmer growing a single crop to a group of farmers wherein generally 1 farmer heads the entire group and is responsible towards the entire group’s compliance to requirements. Each farmer wanting to get certified under this scheme has a unique registration number called as the GGN number which becomes their unique identification globally.

The assessments carried out at the farm level to verify compliance to scheme requirements includes various checkpoints such as site conditions verification, pest management practices carried out at the farm, water and fertilizer usage practices, traceability systems, hygiene principles and sanitary practices followed at the farm level by the operators. Additionally, there is a Quality Management System (QMS) module which focusses on the management system principles such as policy, internal audits, complaint handling, etc. Completion of a successful assessment leads to issuance of a certificate which is valid for a year with update of the same information on the GlobalGap portal.

So what benefits does this scheme offer:

  1. Enables producers in making their systems more sustainable through improved system implementation.
  2. Visibility of the certified producers on the global database giving an access to local and global customers, markets, suppliers and retailers.
  3. Gives buyers a strong sense of trust based on the assurance of having a certified system in place.

The expertise available within the TUV India team shall be a one stop solution to provide the services under Global GAP scheme. These shall include in depth technical assessments by experienced auditors towards the requirements of Global GAP scheme as well as exhaustive awareness training programs covering all the key facets of the scheme and delivered by qualified trainers.  

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