Exporting to European Union - CE Marking is a MUST!

Exporting to European Union - CE Marking is a MUST!:

India is currently the fastest growing economy in the world and India is focusing a lot on exports so that Indian products can be sold in International market with bilateral trades with other countries. Being a strategic partner with the European Union (EU), we expect this journey of exports to European Union will continue for many more years to come.

As we look towards the global markets, there are specific customer needs and expectation of particular markets. Everyone needs a product which suits to their local regulations and country specific safety requirements. In similar lines, European Union wants an efficient product but safety is the most important aspects before products are imported to European countries.

All users are interested to have latest products in hand and also want it should not compromise their safety also. With latest technology at all levels comes various inherent threats on safety. To take care of all users, all products must be safe at all times during the entire lifecycle of product from installation to dismantling & disposal of the products.

Manufacturer are also keen to develop new products for such users with latest technology and inherent safety in the products. As a basic requirements all the products exported to European Union must meet all health and safety requirements as per the relevant directives into which product is categorized. Based on the various safety aspects, all products falls into various directives viz Low Voltage Directive(LVD), Machinery Directive(MD), Electro Magnetic Compatibility directive(EMC), Radio Equipment Directive(RED) and ATEX Directives.

CE marking indicates that a product complies with all health and safety requirements and that it has passed the relevant conformity assessment procedure as per the relevant directives. The CE marking, affixed to the product or packing or to the accompanying document enables the product to be placed on the EU market. Meeting health and safety requirements of all applicable directives is mandatory before exporting products to European Union.

TUV India can support to meet safety regulations of European Union so that customers can put a CE marking on the products. With our years of experience in the field of safety, our competent team can support all manufacturer to meet the targeted customer in various fields of machines, home appliances, electrical and electronics products for various application at residential and industrial atmospheres, Chemical & Pharma plants and oil refineries.

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