Digital Transformation Making Trainings More Accessible Through Mobile App

There have been recent reports that the pandemic will speed up digital transformation of organisations by at least 5 years. This is quite understandable because every emergency that has ever befallen us or is a man-made creation has always led to rapid industrial and social changes. The underlying reason for this is the urge and struggle for survival and the tremendous push for implementation of actions rather than waiting endlessly for results of experimentation.


Industry has realised that adding value through digitisation initiatives is the key to survival in the present context and will definitely remain so during the emerging ‘new normal’. The requirement is for making information available to global audiences and no longer restricting its access through visits to physical locations, thus accruing the advantages of saving time and travel costs, in addition to achieving intended outcomes.


Digitisation has the potential to create new business and income streams for every organisation. It reduces the potential damage to physical documents that may be caused by inadequate handling and storage. Digital information is retrievable, can be amended and distributed to interested parties very quickly. The transmission of information is quick, accurate and complete.


One of the key success factors of digitization is effective communication. This is happening in several ways, the most popular being the use of mobile apps. In the past few years, the number of mobile phone users have grown more rapidly than expected and keeps growing every day. As a result of this, businesses have realised the potential of communicating with their customers through easy to use mobile apps, thus boosting their brand and enlarging their consumer base.


Organisations have learnt that the primary goal of any mobile app they develop or use is to interact with their customer base for resolution of tasks, revisit dormant customers and create new ones by assuring to provide value additions and technology growth. 


TUV India’s Vision has always been to provide Safety, Security and Success through knowledge to our clients and to be Technically, Digitally Connected, Anywhere, Anytime. ‘Focus on Customers’ is a value that the organisation cherishes. Therefore, TUV India kept up with the desired pace of its digital transformation to enable customers to carry on their operations uninterruptedly.   


As part of our continuous initiative of being technology-centric and customer-connected at all times for both B2B and B2C, TUV India Training Academy has launched its user-friendly Mobile App to enable its clients to remain in touch with the offerings of the Academy at any time. It is available under the name of ‘TUV India Training Academy’ (TITA) on the Appstore on all mobile phones. It is an easy to download the App on both Android and iOS platforms with built-in ease of connectivity and fast data access. The App has been subjected to stringent vulnerability assessment & penetration tests to ensure security of the client data.


The TITA App provides features and course contents of all training programs offered by the TUV India Training Academy along with the schedules for all upcoming Classroom and Webinar trainings. This enables clients/ individuals for quick review & selection of the desired program from the variety of trainings listed. The TITA App also provides a convenient and comfortable payment gateway to facilitate quick confirmation of the participation for the courses. The TITA App also provides easy access to clients regarding the history of courses attended and other related records. Further to the above, the TUV India Training Academy Participation/ Qualification Certificates can also be downloaded through the App. It is very dynamic and provides updates on TUV India’s programs, initiatives, achievements and the important messages that it desires to communicate to clients.


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