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The design and the production of metallic constructions and pressure equipment require the preparation of welding procedures, the qualification of welding procedures and welders/operators.

One of the main objectives of the services offered by our organization for the constructions is the quality assurance of the welding works performed.

The services include:

  • Τhe welding procedure preparation (WPS), according the international standards and codes like : ΕΝ ISO 15609, ASME IX, AWS, API 1104
  • Τhe qualification of welding procedures and issue of the certificates PQR or WPQR, with destructive and not destructive tests.
  • The qualification of the welders/operators according to ΕΝ ISO 15614, ASME IX, AWS, API 1104, EN ISO 14732, EN ISO 14555

TÜV HELLAS as a Notified Body in the European Union with no 0654 offers qualification services for welders and welding procedures for manufactures of pressure equipment according to 97/23/EC (PED).

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