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TÜV HELLAS has developed its own subsidiaries in the wider region of Eastern Mediterranean and specially in Cyprus, Lebanon and Egypt.

TÜV HELLAS is one of the first subsidiaries of TÜV NORD Group globally.

Following the global growth of TÜV NORD, TÜV HELLAS has developed its own subsidiaries in the wider region of Eastern Mediterranean – geographical region for which TUV NORD is responsible for its growth and co-ordination along with the Balkans.

The first subsidiary under the name TUV LEBANON Branch Office of TUV HELLAS developed in Lebanon in 2005. The basic activity of the Branch Office is the inspection of all the vegetables which are exported from Lebanon and the cooperation with EDL (Electricité de Liban).

The second subsidiary under name TUV CYPRUS LTD was developed in Cyprus in 2007. TUV HELLAS holds a 75 percent of the subsidiary. Some of the basic activities of the company are Systems Certification and Facilities and Construction Inspection. TUV CYPRUS today is considered a leader in the Certification sector in Cyprus.

The third subsidiary as an S.A. was developed in Egypt in 2010. TUV HELLAS holds a 51 percent (TUV NORD holds a 9 percent) and TUV EGYPT basic activities are Systems Certification, Certification in the Agridietary Sector as well Inspections in the Oil & Gas Sector. The company has already certified some of the bigger Egyptian companies.

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