Social Responsibility

Quality Actions

TÜV HELLAS has been implementing the Community Program “Quality Actions” covering the Organisation’s activities in support of efforts that promote Quality in Education, Society and the Environment.

The term corporate social responsibility refers to the actions of enterprises that aim to contribute to addressing environmental and social issues. Enterprises are entities inextricably linked to the society in which they operate, influencing and being affected by the conditions prevailing in the era and in the field of their activity.

Having established itself as a market leader in Greece over the last ten years, TÜV HELLAS, the oldest subsidiary of TUV NORD, wishes to contribute to the continued development and promotion of the importance of the concept of Quality and its contribution to improving life at all levels. In this context, over the last year it has been implementing the Community Program “Quality Measures” covering the Organisation’s activities in support of efforts that promote Quality in Education, Society and the Environment.

For Education

Consistent with its core philosophy, which attempts to link the labour market with universities for the two-way transfer of knowledge, innovative ideas and experience, in recent years TÜV HELLAS has supported Courses at Public Universities, including the Universities of Piraeus and Athens, providing scholarships to students and contributing to their infrastructure.

For the Environment

In the field of the Environment, TÜV HELLAS provided free Certification services according to ISO 9001:2008 to WWF Hellas for its Projects and activities for the Protection of the Environment and Natural Heritage and the Management of co-financed programs.

For the Community

In the framework of developing activities to support the community and social groups undertaking special projects, TÜV HELLAS has offered its services free, thus contributing to the promotion and confirmation of their work. To date, TÜV HELLAS has certified the Happy Children - Happy Youth Camps (according to ISO 9001 & ISO 22000) and the non-profit organization for the care of children and families “MERIMNA” (according to ISO ISO 9001).

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