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EN ISO 3834, 97/23/EC (PED)

Due to the new conditions of intense competition that have been formed, there has been a need for the certification of the competence of manufacturers to produce specific products and equipment with high quality standards.

According to European Directive ,the international standards and the German Legislation the manufacturers of welded metallic constructions, pressure equipment, pipes, cast products, welded railway vehicles and vehicle parts and other similar applications have to be certified according to the following:

  • EN ISO 3834  
    Quality requirements for welding manufacturers 
  • 2014/68/EU ANNEX 1  
    Certification of raw materials and pressure equipment manufacturers
  • AD-2000 / HP0
    Certification of manufacturers of pressure vessels and pressure parts
  • AD-2000 / W0
    Certification of manufacturers of materials used in pressure vessels and pressure parts

Manufacturers who desire to fulfill European legislation and penetrate the German and international market must be certified according to the above-mentioned standards.

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