Rotating Equipment

Rotating Equipment

The term rotary equipment applies to every machine comprising of rotating parts such as: air compressors, pumps, turbines, electrical power generators, and motors.

One of the objectives of the services provided by TÜV HELLAS is the Quality Assurance during installation, testing, repair and maintenance of the rotary equipment, following the manufacturer's guidelines and the international standards that exist. These services include:

  • Review of documentation (certificates, data sheets etc).
  • Inspection and certification of a four stage alignment (positioning of frame to the correct coordinates, alignment of motor with a pump for example, alignment with attachments - for example piping and hot alignment).
  • Examination of used machinery followed by a full evaluation report of the equipment.
  • Examination of equipment in case of damage or accident.

The involvement of a Third Party Organization assures the uninterrupted use and function of the equipment. TÜV HELLAS has offered till now services in many companies as, among others, Terna, Metka, Hellenic Petroleum,J& P,

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