Safe Operation of Production Units

Inspection of Industrial Plants according to the Seveso II Directive

The directive 96/82/EC, known as Seveso II, stipulates certain requirements for the storage of relatively large quantities of substances classified as dangerous. The harmonization of the directive to the Greek Law has been performed with the ministerial decree ΚΥΑ 5697/590 (ΦΕΚ 405/Β/29.03.2000), with the title : "Settlement of measurements for the control of major accident hazards involving dangerous substances".

The directive is to be implemented in industries, where dangerous substances are handled and stored in quantities above the limits stated in the Annex I of the directive.

The responsibilities of the owners of the plants, of the responsible ministries and the local authorities are being analyzed in the Articles of the directive. In the Article 16 of the directive "Inspections-Controls" it is foreseen for the permitting authority to schedule and to perform an inspection activity plan according to the type of the plant.

The items which have to be checked between others are :

  • The implementation of a Safety Management System
  • The Safety Studies and the Internal Emergency Plans
  • The status of information given by the drawings, reports, working instructions, quality procedures
  • The safe construction and operation of the units of the plant
  • The technical upgrade status of the units and the equipment
  • The Maintenance and Control documentation, the periodical inspection and the reporting documentation
  • The training of the personnel

The credits from the inspection and the certification based on the requirements of the Seveso directive are :

  • The assurance that the legislation is being followed
  • The assurance that the safety measures which are provided in the plant are the correct ones
  • The control regarding the completeness and correctness of the supporting documentation
  • The identification of the weak points in the Safety Management System, proposals for their elimination of these and the risks which can be generated.

TÜV HELLAS having well trained and experienced personnel and in cooperation with TÜV NORD has up to now inspected and certified according to the Seveso Directives important chemical plants, like the PFI plants in Kavala have issued Safety Certificates for this plant, which have been recognized by the authorities.

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